Meetings, Minutes & Agendas 

All meetings are open to the public. They are held at The Poppleton Centre, Main Street, Upper Poppleton.
Parish Council meetings commence at 7.30 p.m. unless otherwise stated.
Parish Council meetings are preceded by Planning meetings which start at 7.00 p.m.

Should any resident wish to speak on a topic on the agenda they should mention the fact to the Chairman before the meeting starts.

Agendas will be displayed on the village notice boards at least 3 days before each meeting.

Meeting Dates
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15th 19th 19th 16th 21st 18th 16th 20th 17th 15th 19th -
Current Agendas

November Planning Meeting

November Meeting 

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2 January Planning Meeting

15 January Planning Meeting

January Parish Council Meeting

February Planning Meeting

February Meeting

March Planning Meeting

March Meeting

April Planning Meeting 

April Meeting 

May Planning Meeting 

May Meeting

June Planning Meeting

June Meeting

July Planning Meeting

July Meeting

August Planning Meeting

August Meeting

September Planning Meeting

September Meeting

October Planning Meeting

October Meeting

November Planning Meeting

November Meeting